Custom Designed Specialty Facials

Try these great skin care treatments for the face and body.

Covid-19 update:
Masks are to be worn until client is in the treatment room. During the facial your mask is allowed to be removed, however, when facial is complete, client must put mask on until leaving the spa. 

EXCEPTIONS- Custom acne facial, express facial, sinus decongesting therapy

Deep Cleansing Facial  $100
This deep pore cleansing facial will help to reduce dead skin cell build up, blackhead clogging, breakouts, and minimize fine lines. You’ll see and feel immediate results. Facial includes exfoliation, balancing ampoule concentrate, and neck & shoulder massage.

Customized Acne Facial  $90
Each case of acne is so unique. We will customize the appropriate treatment for achieving a clearer, healthier skin for you.

Peptide Firming Facial  $115
Helps to firm, smooth out skin texture, brighten skin tone and reduce fine lines using powerful peptides to enhance aging skin.

Anti-Aging Facial  $100
with Ultrasonic  $115

Renourishes and Replenishes your skin with targeted anti-aging treatments. Helps to reduce fine lines too! Uses Vitamin C Ampoule or Collagen treatment Serums for Optimum Results!

Hot Stone Facial  $100
Relax and enjoy this unique facial that incorporates warm stones into the facial which helps promote increased circulation, restoring a youthful look to your skin. Helps to loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles too!

“Turn Back the Clock”  $115
Targeting your major anti-aging concerns: reduce fine lines, increase hydration, toning and brightening of the skin.The Opti-Lift Eye Treatment is clinically proven to help with dark circles, aging, sleep deprivation, and environmental damage.

Repechage Seaweed Facial  $115
This facial will help to firm and tone your skin by delivering rich nutrients from the ‘sea’ to your face and neck. The cooling effects of the seaweed mask is especially soothing for sensitive skin.


Repechage 4-Layer Facial  $130
For deep hydration and skin balancing, this facial has all the richness of the Seaweed Facial plus a Mineral Rich Thermal Finishing Mask. You’ll feel the mask’s heating action as it reacts with the cool seaweed mask beneath it.

Beard Rejuvination Facial  $100
Using a special beard shampoo and deep conditioning treatment it helps to soften the hairs and nourish the skin underneath. High frequency is used to kill bacteria throughout the beard before finishing with a leave in beard oil to keep it soft and hydrated.

Sensitive Classic Facial  $90
Help restore the natural balance to your skin with the use of plant extracts and botanical concentrations (targets de-hydration, sensitivity, and sun exposed skin, not for acne). Also recommended for Rosacea.

Express Facial  $65
Pressed for time? This ‘mini’ facial is just right to gently cleanse and refresh your skin.

Relaxing Back Facial  $70
Your back will feel clear and soft with this treatment. Good for those for dry skin.

Or for breakouts…
Acne Back Facial  $85

Decongesting Sinus Therapy  $60
Utilizing the benefits of steam-aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage pressure point massage. Helps to reduce sinus pressure and puffiness around the eyes while providing sinus relief.

Dermaplaning $125
This is an effective and safe exfoliation treatment using a sterile, medical grade scalpel, that promotes smoother skin, deeper product penetration, helps to remove “peach fuzz”, smoother makeup application, and may help reduce the appearance of acne scars! 


Treatment Add-On’s
Milia Removal during facial $5+ cost of facial.
Milia Removal without facial $25+
Ultrasonic $15
Dermaplaning $15

Services and Prices subject to change without notice.

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